Terms & Conditions


 The following terms and conditions are considered as part of the hire contract and are impartibly from it:

1. The period of this contract as long as the hirer keeps the vehicle, provided that the least is twenty-four (24hours).

2. The hirer required to be not less than 25 years old and the driving licence more than two years old.

3. The hirer must declare that he shall be present at Golden Sky Rent A Car to submit the vehicle at the end of the contract period and not allowed to transfer the Agreement Daily to weekly or Monthly when the hirer wishes to extend the hire period he shall have to inform Golden Sky Rent A Car of his wish at the end of the contract period, provided that he pays.

4. The hirer is allowed up to a maximum of 150 km per day, BD. 1/- for small vehicle & BD. 2/- for the rest of the vehicle types will be charged for every exceeding 10km

5. The hirer must submit the car back on the time specified in the contract. Failure to abide with this condition shall result in the imposition of any hourly delay charge of BD. 1/- for small vehicles, BD. 3/- for medium vehicles, BD. 6/- for large vehicles and BD. 8/ for luxurious vehicles. Besides, Golden Sky Rent A Car shall have the right to count monthly and weekly rent fares as per the daily rates.  

6. The hirer must check the vehicle before receiving it. He must make sure all the tools, equipment and accessories that should be in the vehicle exist thus he is committed to pay for them in case of their loss, theft or damage. No excuse shall be considered in relation to failure in checking such tools, equipment and accessories when receiving the vehicle.

7. The hirer shall cooperate with Golden Sky Rent A Car in case the vehicle is required for the registration, for periodical maintenance or for repair in the event of breakdown of the vehicle.

8. The hirer shall look after the vehicle with his utmost care and brings back to Golden Sky Rent A car in the same condition in which he received it when signing the hire contract. Failure to comply with this condition shall give Golden Sky Reservation the right to withdraw the vehicle from the hirer at any time or place and terminate the hire contract provided that he shall be responsible for the damages incurred as a result of his misuse of the vehicle.

9.The hirer must notify the Directorate of Traffic and Licensing and Golden Sky Rent A Car immediately when he experiences any damage or traffic accident know-unknown party involving the vehicle and he must get/demand an official traffic accident report so that necessary measures are taken. Failure to produce such report, he shall bear full legal responsibility of the damages incurred by the accident onto the vehicle and onto the others according to the circumstances and conditions of the results of the accident.

10. The hirer, in the case of his responsibility for the cause of the traffic accident according to the report issued by the Department of Traffic and Licensing, shall be made to pay the obligatory fine as well as a breakdown charge against the halt of activity of the rented vehicle while under repair or maintenance due to the accident caused by the hirer and has to pay one month rent in case of cancel.

Obligatory and breakdown charges are as follows: 

Vehicle Category

Obligatory Charge (BD) 

Darily Breakdown Charge (BD) 

Small Vehicle



Medium Vehicles



Large Vehicles



Luxurious Vehicles



(An additional Excess of BD. 200/- for driver's less than 25 years & driving licence less than two years) 

11. The hirer shall declare that he shall not remove the stickers of Golden Sky Rent A Car or those of the Directorate of Traffic and Licensing off the vehicle. On Violation of this conditions the hirer shall be charged BD. 40/-.

12. This Contract is personal and the hirer has no right and shall not be legible in any situation to allow any person whose name has not been mentioned in the hire contract to drive the rented vehicle. In case of violation, Golden Sky Rent A Car shall have the right to withdraw the vehicle at any time or place and terminate the contract. The hirer shall then be responsible to pay for all the damages onto the vehicles and onto the others as a result of this act despite the fact that the insurance policy does not cover damages resulting from the use of vehicle by other, non-authorized, people who have not been mentioned in the hire contract.

13. The hirer shall declare to comply with Law No. (9) for the year 1979 issuing Traffic Law and the Ministerial Decree No. (28) for the year 1979 of the Executive Bylaws of traffic, which according to the law, bans driving, while under the effect Alcohol or drugs, in the case where the hirer vehicle the ban mentioned in this article. he shall bear the full legal responsibility of the damages the he incur upon the vehicle and the others while driving under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

14. The hirer shall be fully and solely responsible for any accident he causes and for any damages or breakdown affecting the engine or any component of the vehicle and shall bear the full cost of repairs. The vehicle has a third party insurance. However, this provision may be exempted in case of payment of an extra charge sum on rent amount.

15. Golden Sky Rent A Car have the right to cancel the contract and withdraw the vehicle from the hirer on violating any of the terms and conditions of this contract and demand him to settle outstanding dues immediately. Golden Sky Rent A Car also have the right to take legal measures against the hirer and shall bear responsibility for all legal charges and expenses including the attorney fess and a 10% interest on the delayed payment as from the due date.